Proactive, multi-layered security that’s inside-out, across and beyond the entire business

We Secure IT

Achieve security assurance that keep your business open, while closing the door on increasing security risks and threats.

We adopt a comprehensive, 360-view when it comes to protecting what’s important to your business. Our experienced professionals will evaluate each of our client’s security maturity level and implement security solutions based on market-leading, gold standard software.

We can Help

We deliver the industry’s most advanced solutions to safeguard your business, to ensure data privacy and meet regulatory compliance in two key areas:

Identity and Access Management

Our solution allows organisations to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities - from creation of unique identities to the termination of those identities, across all their resources both within and beyond the firewall.

From the day an employee begins work, a partner signs up, or a customer accesses services, your organisation can track and manage each relationship. As identities change, work flow and approval processes automatically reflect those changes, preventing orphaned accounts and security breaches. Leave no stone unturned and secure all key functionalities including access control, single sign-on, delegated administration, user provisioning, password management, self service, workflow, identity attestation and auditing.

Security Information & Event Management

We enable mountains of security data - from security devices, network devices, applications/databases and servers – to be converted into meaningful and actionable business intelligence.

The information gathered is securely stored and analysed to provide invaluable insights that’s meaning to different stakeholders within your organisation. Gain the ability to discover, manage and take charge of security information and events that are critical for Compliance, Security and IT & Network Operations. Our security solution also features key functionalities including automated collection, visualisation, forensic analysis, standard & customisable reporting and alerting.

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