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We Optimise IT

Increasing performance and efficacy while maintaining availability remain top priorities for today’s data centre managers. The good news is Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions help managers control expenses, avoid over-provisioning without comprising service delivery levels. DCIM gives real-time insights that enhance business processes dependent on data centres. DCIM makes it easy to understand and improve every aspect of the data centre.

We can Help

Our DCIM solutions help businesses get the most out of their data centres. DCIM is a valuable tool for business as it manages assets, dependencies, power consumption and capacity centrally. We work with our clients in several key aspects:

Workload Automation Management

Improve productivity by evolving the classic job of manual task scheduling to more efficient and consolidated resource management. Workload Automation enables you to update, change and validate processing schedules in real-time to meet changing business priorities. Our solution takes a "service-oriented automation" approach in connecting infrastructure components and events with business and IT processes. Your company get the vital assurance that critical business transactions are processed on time and without errors.

Capacity & Configuration Management

Capacity and Configuration Management allows your business to set priorities, see the impact and scale as needed. Our solution enables every aspect of capacity and configuration management for hardware and software across mainframe, client and distributed systems. You will then be able to implement ITIL®, CMMI and Six-Sigma best practices as you build standardised, repeatable Processes, allowing you to support increasing business demands while continuously improving your IT services.

Performance Management

Keep your data centre running in peak performance with the right performance management solution. Our solution provides real-time monitoring of power distribution and advanced alerting to enable you to measure, trend, alert and take action. Better plan for and manage capacity, and prevent down-time with continuous monitoring.

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