Data Centre Automation is a must-have and must-get-right technology and tool

We Automate IT

Automation in a data centre, when applied right, can be a true life-saver for any IT administrator. Time-consuming routine tasks and maintenance can take up more than half of an organisation’s operational workload. The right automation strategy can make an immediate positive impact on efficiency and operational expense.

We can Help

Our DC Automation solutions identify and automate repetitive tasks across servers, network application and even virtualised environments. We can help you find the right balance when devising an automation strategy so that you implement sound policies that scale elastically with your business.

Process Automation

Process Automation, in addition to saving IT administrators' time, removes the potential for human error. It also provides documentation. By defining, automating and orchestrating processes across organisational silos that use disparate systems, Process Automation helps improve productivity while also enforcing standards. With Process Automation, you can automate IT processes that span multiple organisations and systems, reduce the time it takes to deliver services, and enforce standards and compliance policies across departments.

Server Automation

Server Automation is an integrated solution that automates provisioning, patching, and configuration of operating systems, storage resources and application components across physical, virtual and public cloud systems. This comprehensive solution has numerous benefits. It integrates and automates provisioning processes, standardises configurations, and simplifies workflows. This gives you the ability to successfully manage the complexity of continuously changing virtualised environments.

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