Experience meets Expertise meets Excellence

Managed by a group of Experienced Technology Services Experts, ENTIIS is able to fully leverage and utilise the diverse range of skills and expertise to ensure that solutions are implemented with speed, effectiveness and efficiency.

Jude Yip Chief Architect

Jude has more than 18 years of IT industry experience as a technology leader, consultant and executive. Jude has held a variety of senior technical positions in leading technology services companies, ranging from Consulting Director to Architect with specialisations in Enterprise IT and Security Management Solutions. He has successfully headed several key projects, from solution architecture to implementation in network and systems management and security solutions for large private and government organisations.

As ENTIIS’s chief architect, Jude also has an intimate understanding of designing and delivering IT solutions across all of Asia. As such, he also helms ENTIIS’s regional ventures and projects in South Asia. Jude holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from NUS and Postgraduate Diploma in Systems Analysis from ISS, NUS. He is also CISSP certified.

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